ZUKI® Massage Roller Stick Combo Pack

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Get 1-19" ZUKI Muscle Roller with 1512 pressure points
Get 1-25" ZUKI Muscle Roller with 2376 pressure points

Zuki Massage Roller Stick is the go-to for muscle recover and fascia blasting.

Muscle stress from exercises like CrossFit, weightlifting and yoga causes lactic acid to build up. Zuki Roller’s soft roller points flush toxins from muscles, increase blood flow and accelerate overall muscle recovery. Use Zuki Muscle Roller after a tough Pilates class to increase flexibility.

Destressing is crucial in this day and age. Rolling out muscles not only reduces knots and injury, but it also decreases stress and increases oxygen flow.

Zuki Muscle Roller Stick is the best muscle roller stick because it works on your entire body!

  • Feet – Relieve sore feet by rolling your feet over a Zuki on the floor
  • Back – Hold Zuki vertically behind you and turning hits the spot
  • Neck – Hold Zuki horizontally over your shoulder and gently roll upward
  • Legs – Quads, Calves Hamstrings like that extra blood flow
  • Glutes – Roll over Zuki on the floor or use handles to stretch any tension
  • Shoulders - Hold Zuki horizontally over your shoulder and gently roll downward

Most leg and back rollers do not have the specialized trigger point technology that Zuki does. Zuki Roller Stick is the best myofascial release tool (fascia blaster) for reducing cellulite. Safely stimulate fatty areas for increased fat loss.

Zuki Massage Roller Stick is: 

  • 100% Pure TPE/PP – Built to last!
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable
  • Washable – Won’t rust!
  • Vegan
  • Latex Free
  • PBA Free
  • Patent Pending
  • Designed in the USA