Using The ZUKI

Using the ZUKI is not that difficult. All you have to do is follow a few basic steps to make sure you don’t hurt yourself and get to the muscles you want to in order to achieve the best results.

The first thing you should remember is to keep your muscles relaxed each time you use the ZUKI. This helps the power of the rollout to penetrate your muscles even deeper.

The other thing to remember is to use it on your skin or through very light clothing.

  1. Penetrate Your Muscle Tissue But Don’t Hurt Them

Many people believe that to get the best and long-lasting results they should use as much strength as possible. Although a quality ZUKI is usually designed to last a lifetime and should never break, it doesn’t mean you should use a lot of force when using with it.

Keep your muscles relaxed and be mindful of the pressure you apply but don’t hurt yourself. This mistake is common especially among beginners, who want to achieve quick results.

Some people believe that they have to break the muscle tissue at all costs to become more stretched and increase their mobility. You don’t have to hurt the muscle to help it, frequency is much more important than the strength you apply.

  1. Learning How To Use ZUKI muscle roller

Don’t mix ZUKI with a foam roller. Many people make a mistake and mix foam rollers with the ZUKI. The two products work differently. What they forget about is that with the ZUKI, they are using their hands and not their bodyweight. This means that they can use it in many different positions compared to a foam roller.

This allows you to get to different areas of your body but requires that you control your strength at all times. Sometimes, you will need to apply a little more force, while other times it would be better to massage your muscles a little bit softer. With the ZUKI, you have 100% control over your moves so use it to your benefit.

  1. Use Before, During and After a Training Session

To get the most benefits, use the ZUKI before, during, and after your activity. While using it before you begin to warm up and after to calm down to help your muscles recover.

Spend at least 30 seconds on each area to relax muscles. To warm up your muscles properly, you should spend at least 30 seconds on each area doing 20 plus rollouts. If you feel pain, this may mean you have located a trigger point which is usually an indicator of a weak muscle. These are the muscles which you should spend a more time on varying your moves between soft and firm.

Pay special attention to the sore parts of your body. If you are using the ZUKI after your workout, you should pay special attention to the muscles which are most tired after your routine. This will increase your post-workout recovery and help you prevent potential future injuries. The same applies to rollouts during training session; for example, if you are a long-distance runner, you should use your ZUKI during every break to massage your muscles.

Don’t forget to use the ZUKI every few hours during the day. Especially if you sit a lot.  ZUKIs are not only for professional athletes, they can be used by everyone.

Learning how to use the ZUKI helps you keep your body flexible, increases blood circulation, and helps you decrease the numbness in your legs.

You should use the ZUKI especially on your neck, upper back, shoulders and legs. These are the parts of your body which get hurt the most by long hours spent in a chair, without any movement.

The same applies if you are a driver, or even if you work physically. It’s always good to give yourself a short massage session during the day to relax and help your blood circulate than to completely avoid taking the pressure off your muscles at all. Use the ZUKI.

Be patient when learning how to use the ZUKI.

Many people who invest in the ZUKI quickly give up because they don’t see the results they were hoping for or they apply too much pressure on the ZUKI while exercising and hurt themselves.

Remember that the ZUKI is a great way of relaxing your muscles and increasing your flexibility and mobility by pulling apart the fascia, but you must be patient as it won’t come overnight. Though if you keep using it, you’ll soon discover that your body starts changing and you are becoming more and more flexible and have much more energy thanks to increased blood circulation.