You're going to love the ZUKI Muscle Rollers and FUTZUKI InSoles.

Professionally inspired and designed for fast acting results.

The ZUKI 19" is engineered with 1512 pressure points and the ZUKI 25" has 2376 pressure points. Hand made of durable materials like a never rust 304 grade stainless steel shaft and double injected TPE/PP rollers. 

With the massive surface area, the ZUKI breaks up connective tissue and fascia to flush away toxins and attack lactic acid. Our gear is precision made and built to last. Patent pending ZUKI technology allows the rollers to penetrate deep into muscle tissue. Roll along the floor to apply reflexology to your feet for incredible relief. Use it for self-myofascial release. ZUKI should be your first option for reducing tightness and soreness after a performance, workout, CrossFit, Pilates or yoga session. Ideal for use on legs, arms, back and feet. The 3-dimensional soft point design, massages deep into muscle groups for thorough muscle recovery. Ergonomically designed handles make it easier to grip the ZUKI.

Futzuki InSoles help relieve stress all day long. Over 2100 ZUKI points apply gentle reflexology to your heels, arches and toes. The innovative healing design is the best solution to relieve tired, achy feet.

#1 in professional quality and technical design.